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Xiaomi: Fourth Largest Smartphone Maker to Launch New Products, Including Bluetooth Mouse


Xiaomi, a privately owned China-based electronics company and currently the world's fourth argest smartphone maker, is now broadening the scope of its product lines.

Xiaomi, a popular brand of affordable smartphones, moves forward to technology advancements and has launched a wide variety of products. 

Two weeks ago, Xiaomi announced the launch of a bezel-less smartphone called Mi Mix and together with it are other range of devices that include Mi Air Purifier Pro, Mi IH Rice Cooker, Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset, Mi PM2.5 Detector and the Mi Bunny Intelligent Building Blocks. All of these products will be available in China.

Followng the release of its Mi Bluetooth headset, will introduce its new Ni Portable Mouse for laptops and PC is also called Mi Portable Mouse. It is compact and compatible with tablets, mobile phones, the Mi TV and other devices, BGR reported.

According to Mashable, Xiaomi claims that their magic mouse offers high-speed precise laser positioning for a fast and accurate mouse slide. The main highlight of the mouse is its ability to freely switch between two computers due to its support for dual-mode connecting with a Bluetooth and a 2.4G wireless adapter.

The portable mouse features a curved design with a measure of 110.2 x 57. 2 x 23.6 mm is also Bluetooth enabled which is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is inspired by the Apple's Magic Mouse 2. The device is enclosed in an anodized aluminum body which makes it wear resistant. The mouse will only be available in China and will start selling on Nov. 11.

These recent releases of Xiaomi's wide range of products are foolproof that the company deserves the fourth spot of the world's largest smartphone maker.

Xiaomi Inc. headquartered in Beijing, China, designs and develops smartphones, computer technolgoy, apps and other consumer electronics.  It is the fourth largest maker and seller of smartphones worldwide.

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