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Samsung to Recall Every Single Samsung Galaxy Note 7; Production and Sale Permanently Halted


Following the news about the exploding Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has announced the permanent discontinuation of producing Galaxy Note and its sales worldwide. The company is now in the process of recalling all Note 7 devices.

Samsung plans to replace every single unit sold. In an interview with Android Central, Paul Brannen, Samsung Canada's COO and executive vice president said that their goal is to replace all of the affected devices.

Samsung has taken the first step to ensure the safety of the consumers. They had advised consumers using the Note 7 to power down the device right away and return them to the store where they purchased their units.  Consumers can exchange their devices for another handset, The Verge reported.

To make sure every customer return their faulty units, a software update to all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be pushed by Samsung and its carrier partners. The update will not be optional and is supposed to roll out simultaneously to all carriers. Device users will constantly be notified every three hours, reported BGR.

In addition, the software update will help users to identify whether or not their device is safe to use. A safe Note 7 will show signs such as; a green battery icon in the power menu and a green battery indicator in the notification shade.

On the other hand, those faulty Note 7 devices which are still being used will show warnings in the unit to prompt users to have the units retuned and replaced.

In Australia, Samsung came up with an idea to reduce chances of the device catching fire. They have controlled the Galaxy Note 7 battery's maximum charge to only 60% in order to limit its capacity.

The message is clear, stop using the Galaxy Note 7. Power down the device right away and have it replaced.

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