Vladimir Putin Did Not Realize His Microphone Was Turned On! Abuses Professor at a Public Event


Russian President Vladimir Putin should practice the art of thinking before speaking; even if it is a murmur under his breath!

At a public event with senior functionaries of the ruling United Russia party Thursday, Putin called a professor a 'Nutball' without realizing that his microphone was switched on. Putin's spontaneous reply was in response to a proposal to place the Russian part of Arctic under international control.

The proposal was posted by Sergei Medvedev, a professor of political science at the prestigious Higher School of Economics in Moscow, on the internet.

Even after being referred to as 'half-wit,' the professor did not take any offence. "I accept the personal insult from Putin as an award", Medvedev wrote on Facebook, RIA reports.

Putin's true response to the proposal was actually more politely worded, though forceful. He called the idea 'utter nonsense' and 'an unpatriotic position.'

Russia's plan to drill for oil in the Arctic Pechora Sea has received nation-wide protests from environmental organizations, who claim that there are no safe technologies in place for such projects. Around 30 crew members of a Greenpeace icebreaker are facing criminal charges for protesting the project and are currently being held at a Russian pretrial facility.

Putin said that Arctic has been an essential part of Russia for several centuries. "And that should be like this for future years to come," reports the Barentsnova.

Medvedev, who used to live on the Chukotka Peninsula, is "firmly aware that Russia has not contributed anything good to the Arctic and it never will." He described the area as unique and fragile with a strong natural and cultural heritage. As a result, the Arctic "should be taken away from Russia and passed over to international jurisdiction." The professor thinks Russia as "a failed and irresponsible owner".

Putin said that distancing the Arctic region from Russia is unthinkable from  an economic point of view, as the region is rich in mineral resources.

"The Arctic is rich in mineral resources. The safety of this area is maintained by Russian Northern Fleet that also includes strategic nuclear submarines. Another base of strategic submarines is located in the eastern part which is again very close to the North. It though has other patrolling areas. Anyway, this is a northern part of Russia", said Putin, according to Barentsnova.

"Besides, American submarines are keeping the watch nearby at the coast of Norway. Flight time of the missiles from that area to Moscow is some 16-17 minutes. In this sense we count that everything that has happened in the world over past two decades will distance us from the confrontation we used to have back in the Cold War time", Putin added.

As a result, Putin said that any proposals that the area be transferred under someone else's control are stupid.

"In this situation, speaking that the Arctic should be governed by international administration is silly and anti-national. It goes without saying that this position is also anti-Russian", Putin said.

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