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Work for Less than 40 Hours a Week With These Careers for You Can!


Most of today's high-paying jobs require working long hours, lower wages and lesser benefits. With more and more people looking for alternatives to 40-hour work weeks, these jobs should be on your list of options together with other projects in the gig economy.

If you're still in school, then it's not too late to figure out if you're on the right career path, if you're already working and would want to switch careers, then these are some professions you may want to consider.

The main benefit of working less than 40 hours a week will allow you to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures or do something you're passionate about.

Analyzing US Census data for over 450 occupations, Business Insider sites these 13 professions that typically works for less than 40 hours a week and still earns a median income of a little over $50,000.

Museum Technicians, Archivists and Curators

These are the professionals that help preserve, restore and prepare artifacts and other objects in museums during exhibitions. They also help with research and storage of these artifacts.

  • Average work hours per week: 36.7

  • Median Income: $49,285


Conducts interviews, observations and psychological tests to diagnose and evaluate emotional and mental behavior and disorders. They also come up and administer corrective measures, therapy and treatment programs to their patients.

  • Average work hours per week: 36.7

  • Median Income: $77,369

Speech-language pathologists

Assess and treat people with speech problems, language, fluency and voice disorders.

  • Average work hours per week: 36.7

  • Median Income: $60,646

Nutritionists and dietitians

Create nutritional meal plans and other programs to address nutrient deficiencies, promotes proper diet and a healthy lifestyle to prevent or control disease.

  • Average work hours per week: 36.4

  • Median Income: $47,818

Occupational therapists

Provides rehabilitation treatments and procedures to restore basic abilities of their clients like motor skills or the ability to move and walk.

  • Average work hours per week: 36.4

  • Median Income: $62,162

Flight attendants

Assists passengers needs onboard the aircraft and during the flight. They help with the safety, security, personal assistance and comfort of passengers.

  • Average work hours per week: 36.3

  • Median Income: $45,250

Writers and authors

Create original written materials like essays, manuscripts, scripts, stories, advertisement's story lines and other fictional and non-fiction work.

  • Average work hours per week: 36.1

  • Median Income: $62,480

Recreational therapists

They plan, create, execute and coordinate activities approved by doctors for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions.

  • Average work hours per week: 36.0

  • Median Income: $42,232


Manages libraries from the acquisition of books and other printed materials in the library including classification, cataloging, circulation and maintenance.

  • Average work hours per week: 35.9

  • Median Income: $46,672

Director of religious activities and education

They work for a denominational group and typically plan, administer and coordinate programs and activities designed to promote faith and unity in their respective churches.

  • Average work hours per week: 35.4

  • Median Income: $40,638


These professions include news presenters, video and music presenters, radio jocks and music DJs, sportscasters and commentators and podcasters.

  • Average work hours per week: 33.2

  • Median Income: $51,274

Dental hygienists

Takes care of our teeth by examining oral areas as well as the head and neck for signs of diseases. They also teach patients about oral hygiene, take and develop tooth X-rays and apply fluoride sealants.

  • Average work hours per week: 31.7

  • Median Income: $51,329


Those who play roles on television, theater and movies and other forms of media.

  • Average work hours per week: 30.8

  • Median Income: $47,753

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