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X-23: Female All New-Wolverine, Logan’s Clone; Laura Kinney Unraveled in Marvel Comics [VIDEO]


In the Marvel Universe, X-23 goes beyond being Logan's clone, but takes on the role of a female Wolverine in the All New-Wolverine comic series. X-23 who goes by the name, Laura Kinney, will also be introduced in the big screen in the newest Wolverine movie "Logan." Who is Laura Kinney? Where did she come from?

The character of X-23 is the most modern of all the more famous X-Men, who were introduced in the comics in the years 1963 to 1991. She was introduced via the animated series, "X-Men: Evolution" in 2003.

Writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, who first came up with the story for X-23, introduced the character as the Hydra clone of Logan, according to CBR. She ultimately becomes the weapon and assassin for Hydra before joining the X-Men.

Comics fans were able to read more of X-23 as she finds her way into the comics with writer Joe Quesada and ink by Joshua Middleton. X-23 was introduced as Laura Kinney in "NYX," which was basically about a group of homeless mutants living in New York, as reported by Comic Book.

In 2004, Chris Claremont and Alan Davis continued the story of X-23 in issue #450, the "Uncanny X-Men." Laura is seen as a waitress ironically using a Wolverine costume while secretly defending mutants from hostile crowds.

Here, Laura meets the X-Men but ended up stabbing Wolverine after getting terrified with X-Man Rachel Grey's probe. It was only in "X-Men" issue #165 that she moved into Prof. Xavier's School after helping the team rescue victims in a car accident. Hereafter, Laura as X-23 became involved in various X-Men missions.

However it was only in 2005 that X-23 headlined in the comics. In the limited series "X-23," the true origins of the character was revealed. Laura is the result of several experiments cloning a damaged sample of Wolverine's DNA minus the Y chromosome, which explains why Logan's clone is a female.

X-23 or Laura Kinney is truly like Wolverine. She too has healing abilities, even greater that she can re-attach severed limbs. She has no Adamantium-coated bones like Logan, but her claws were coated in the same metal since she was a child.

She also has quite a temper, maybe not as bad as Wolverine who has a habit of making enemies. However, X-23 has a tendency to go berserk once exposed to a "trigger scent," only proving how much damage she can inflict once provoked.

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