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'This is Us' Season 1 News, Spoilers: Thanksgiving Episode to Reveal Siblings' Rivalries; More Plot Details and Spoilers Revealed [VIDEO]


Since the second episode of NBC's breakout drama, "This is Us," many have been wondering about the fate of Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia), and whether the patriarch of the family is dead or divorced to the lovely Rebecca (Mandy Moore). Unfortunately, the show finally answered that burning question--and it turns out that Jack is dead, his ashes in an urn in Kate's (Chrissy Metz) house.

It's an early tragic end to a favorite character in the show, but no worries, because "This is Us" continues to soldier on with even more touching and emotional scenes. In fact, "This is Us" has prepared a very special Thanksgiving episode, which will reveal more details about the triplets' rivalry and the circumstances of Jack's death.

What to expect from 'This is Us' Thanksgiving episode

According to Entertainment Tonight, the Pearsons will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) house in "This is Us." This is because the holiday is Randall's favorite holiday, and he teased that it's a particular circumstance in their past that has made Thanksgiving a very special holiday in their lives.

The cast and crew of "This is Us" also teased that the Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't exactly go without a hitch, as things like the siblings' rivalry and past grudges may crop up during dinner. As viewers would recall, Kate and Kevin (Justin Hartley) aren't on good terms with their mother Rebecca, perhaps because of their father's death or the obvious attention that Rebecca gave Randall, Hollywood Life reported.

Either way, the Thanksgiving episode is sure to be just as dramatic and emotional as the rest. "This is Us'" Thanksgiving episode might also reveal some details about what happened to Jack, Milo Ventimiglia teased.

Excited for the next big twist on the breakout new drama of the year? "This is Us" airs every Tuesday, 9 a.m., on NBC.

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