'Google Play Store' UI News, Updates, Release Dates: New Refreshed UI To Introduce Bigger Install Button, Better Color Scheme [VIDEO]


It looks like the Google Play Store is getting a major refresh on its user interface (UI), and it's already appearing on most users' devices. While it's been a while since Google last updated its Play Store UI, this news wasn't surprising to many Android enthusiasts, who have come to appreciate Google's constant tinkering with its UI.

But what do the changes entail exactly for the Google Play Store app? Here's a rundown of everything to expect from this refresh: from features, updates, official release dates, and more.

What to expect from the new Google Play Store UI

According to Phone Arena, one of the major changes introduced in the new Google Play Store UI is the noticeably larger "Install" button across the screen. It also removed the box that used to contain the appropriate age category for the app, which used to appear under the name of the developer.

Other things that were removed from this new Google Play Store UI is the badge that linked the app to other titles, as well as the little icons that used to indicate the number of downloads for the app.  Instead, it seems to have gone for the minimalist route, where the same information is now introduced by a small star for the ratings and a download arrow for the number of installs.

These removals, however, do not come without worthy replacements. For one, the new Google Play Store UI introduced a new color scheme. 9to5Google reported that the new UI seems to have adopted a darker shade of green than the usual.

When will the new Google Play Store UI roll out

So far, the changes have been seen on a Nexus 6P running on an Android 7.1.1 Nougat. As such, Android enthusiasts, especially those who are now using the Nougat version, can possibly come to expect the new changes to roll out within the year or early 2017. 

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