Math Professor Allowed College Student to Bring Her Baby to Class


Josie Ryan, a Math Professor at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina, has shown how she has gone an extra mile to give value to her student Sarah Thompson's education.

From the time that Ryan found out that Thompson was pregnant, she did all she could do to provide support to the young mother and make sure she does not drop out of class. Thompson was a Math and Computer Science major which is why it is important for her to take these classes.

Before Thompson's due date, Ryan already told her that she can bring her baby to the class anytime so that she does not feel overwhelmed with the course load in the school plus and her newborn baby.

 "She knew I'd be overwhelmed so literally begged me to bring Isaiah to class, and even showed me where the breastfeeding room in the health center was," said Thompson.

She agreed to take her son to her classes because her boyfriend is also in school and working at the same time, and none of them can afford to give up their education. "Women are on the rise going to school and working with children," Thompson said. "And my boyfriend Chris is also in school and working as we learn to be parents and our families are beyond supportive of my decision to graduate within the first year of his birth, and I couldn't do this without them."

Thompson took a picture of her professor teaching Math while holding her son Isaiah and posted it on Facebook, where it went viral with more than 1000 shares and 6000 likes.

Thompson was very much grateful for the support she has been receiving from Dr. Ryan. "Everyone who's ever met Dr. Ryan knows how brilliant, funny, quirky, silly, and caring she is," she said. "She told the people in class to help me if they can, before I even met them."

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