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Latest Apple Patent Exaggeratedly Hints on a Totally Different Future iPhone Line [VIDEO]


If this is Apple's way of confusing competitors; they are extremely succeeding. Spotted is the newly patented Apple device that hints a foldable and bendable future iPhone line. Apparently, the giant tech company remained true when they promised a radical iPhone 8 in the future. Interesting, 2017 also marks the company's 10-year anniversary in the iPhone line. What could be more exciting celebration to match the event than a totally revamped iPhone line?

Filed as early as 2014, Apple has been doing lots of research about the new line. In fact, this will be the first in the brands iPhone line to carry a significant design; away from the conventional designs users have known in the past.

The newly patented iPhone design include a foldable design connected by hinges on the side. Its flexible screen is patented to made of polymer materials, a standard material that will allow the device to bend easily.

Additionally, a new technology that prevents the signal paths from breaking when the device is bent is also included in the patent. Among the list include flexible structures, an electronic device that has substrates, printed circuit boards, carbon nanotubes and metal solder pads.

A rough image of the patent can be viewed at the Indian Express website. It's new, and definitely not substandard. But with few and shady details on the patent, the image shows a rectangular type of foldable iPhone 8. The shape is familiar in a sense, one can actually compare it to a tablet.

According to Forbes, despite the incredible idea for the iPhone 8 design, this new Apple patent doesn't have to follow the trend. In fact, the website said, many developers patent their own designs without actually pushing through with it. Apple will have its next patent revealed in two months time, then we can see whether the Apple foldable patent is really coming.

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