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V.P. Elect Mike Pence's Campaign At George Mason University Works For Trump - What Now For His Fetus Funeral Law?


Vice President Elect Mike Pence, under Donald Trump's umbrella strongly opposes abortion rights. He is a warrior on planned Parenthood. Every anti-abortion got signed during his stint as governor of Indiana. But he also signed an unacceptable bill that fellow Republicans also opposed. 

The law forces women to organize a fetus funeral service in an event of miscarriage or abortion, as long as there is fetal tissue. The law does not recognize serious fetal anomalies.

Defective pregnancies cannot be stopped, Vox claimed. Protests continues, but do women now have the voice with Pence's current political standing?

Pence is optimistic. He was not bothered by the hiccups in the campaign trails because he is so confident with the election results to work on Donald Trump's favor. His friends call him a happy warrior and for sure he remains so after their victory, according to Indy Star.

The Vice Presidential Elect is remembered to seek assurance that Hillary Clinton will never emerge as winner in Virginia and will never have the chance becoming the President of America. He gave many reasons why but the main thing that he stressed out is about the Supreme Court and it has sinked into the minds of the students. A very effective strategy indeed.

Vice President Elect Mike Pence advised young voters not to be isolated while going to voting centers. They should go there with friends and clarifies the importance of bringing friends for more votes in favor of Donald Trump - and they just did so judging from the voters' turnout in favor of Donald Trump.

First Lady Michelle Obama also did the same thing at George Mason University last September. They just have different styles. Obama normally focuses on explaining to students the importance of character. Pence is more on criticisms on issues or accusations. Well, it's America who decided, according to WJLA, Washington D.C.

The battle between the Democrats and the Republicans is now over but most U.S. citizens are hoping that the country will be united soon as their economy sufferred due to election uncertainties. Since Hillary Clinton already made her concession speech, Americans might have to live with Pence and President Elect Donald Trump.

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