EVGA GTX 10-Series News & Updates: GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060 Overheating Issues Addressed [VIDEO]


The internet is blazing with reports from users and reputable distributors that EVGA GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060 graphic cards overheated past tolerable operating temperatures when pushed to the limit.

All the commotion started when a publicized stress test indicated thermal management issues with a sample 10-series card. With that, consumers took to forums and YouTube to report the same findings. EVGA promptly responded, openly addressing complaints and then launched an investigation, Slash Gear reported.

The company said that the GeForce GTX 1080 FTW's PWM circuits and memory chips ran warmer than expected, while running the notoriously-demanding Furmark test. However, the thermal temperatures were marginally within specification, albeit close to design limits during extreme circumstances. It registered temperatures around 70-degrees Celsius and needed to be addressed.

Further findings indicated that GPU's equipped with ACX 3.0 coolers are the ones susceptible to overheating, running approximately 30 percent duty cycle or lower. Models such as Founders Edition, Blower-type, Hybrid and Hydro Copper are unaffected, according to the EVGA website.

To resolve the problem, the company offered a VBIOS update that adjusts the fan-speed curve to ensure that sufficient cooling is given to all components across all operating temperatures. The VBIOS will be released for users to download and update their cards directly. The company said that the update resolves the reported thermal issues and ensures safe temperatures.

Moreover, the company is offering additional cooling with optional thermal pads. Though it is not required, it will be made available free of charge. The company went on stating customers may request a warranty cross-shipment to exchange the product for an updated replacement if the latter are not comfortable performing the recommended update. However, the warranty will still be honored if the customer damages the unit if they opt to perform the update themselves.

For more information regarding updates and trade-in requests visit the EVGA website.

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