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Nov 05, 2016 12:02 PM EDT

‘Dragon Ball Super’ 65, 66, 67 Spoilers, Plots, Air Time: Zen-Chan To Defeat Zamasu Black Fusion [VIDEO]


The previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super" ended up with a glimpse for episode 65, in which, the teaser shows how Goku Black and Zamasu turns into Merged Zamasu by using the Potara earrings.

The episode 65 is entitled "Final Judgment?! The Supreme God's Ultimate Power," wherein this episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will feature the wall of light of the Merged Zamasu that eliminates everything it touches, including Vegeta's ki and the main protagonist Goku.

The episode 65 of "Dragon Ball Super," which is slated to telecast on Nov. 6, would most likely feature Vegeta, Trunks and Goku, as they try to deflect the attacks of the Merged Zamasu. In spite of that, fans of the anime series would be delighted to witness the two powerful Saiyans become one, according to Australia Network News.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 is dubbed as the "Showdown! The Unyielding Warriors' Miraculous Power." The episode 66 of the animated series reveals that after the attack of Goku, something unusual will happen to Zamasu and Black fusion.

In spite of that, the antagonists of "Dragon Ball Super" has had the upper hand, however, it seems the good is going to prevail over the bad soon. The "Dragon Ball Super" episode 67, which is dubbed as A Visit from the Omni King! Bye, Bye Zamasu!, will show Zen-Chan's arrival to overpower the Merged Zamasu.

That being the case, despite the exciting happenings in the anime series, a number of DBS fans are wondering why Black and Zamasu still exist. With that, Toei Animation teases on the parallel universe timeline in the anime series, in which, the existence of Future Trunks, Zamasu and Goku were released to help fans in understanding the series of events, Saiyan Island has learned.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 will fire up on Nov. 13, while episode 67 airs on Nov. 30.

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