College Student Who Brings Her Baby To Class Got The Support That Made Her Cry


The Obama administration assists single moms' return to school. In fact, all moms single or not need to improve skills to be able to cope with the demands of the digital world very soon.

The Federal Pell Grant for single moms has been raised up to $5100 from $4050 to entice moms to go back to school despite the circumstances that they are in, as published by Mother's Scholarship.

How could it be possible without the utmost support of the people around them? Sarah Thompson is in an overwhelming circumstance when she witnessed her professor's support after she had no choice but to bring her son to school.

She posted a photo via Facebook of professor, Dr. Josie Ryan, holding her newborn son, Isaiah during math class at Lander University. Her husband, Chris is also in school aside from working for the family.

Thompson felt that she is in a perfect world for all the support that she's been getting. The world definitely needs more teachers like Ryan, added Thompson.

When Thompson was pregnant, she had a few teachers who are indifferent on her situation and she became hopeless and suffered anxiety because of their treatments. That is why she wanted to inspire other moms not to lose hope because there are supportive professors out there.

The other professors, who are not so involved, should see how their support can count so much in the lives of their students. This is not just for mothers but for all issues that their students can encounter as they go along.  

Thompson and Ryan were "amazed" with the attention garnered after the Facebook post. However, they've learned to take the outcome so positively to serve as examples to others.  

Of course, the class would have thought of other means if Isaiah has not been so behaved. The last thing they need is destruction from their math learning, says The Huffington Post.

STEM classes are vital for everyone as the workforce nationwide gears up to cope with the evolving demands. A little support from everyone goes a long way. It's not only technology that can better the people's lives but how they deal with each other is the most relevant.  

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