Westworld Strategy: How To Hit the Mark When Marketing To Innovative University Students?


University life has now evolved together with technology but it does not mean that students of today would only buy hi-tech stuff. They have basic needs too and they will choose the brands that are readily available for them.

Take the case of the TV series Westworld on HBO. It has all the elements of a winning TV series in America where the storyline is a mixture of drama, suspense, sci-fi and the ever-popular horror flicks, describes Den of Geek.

In the episode about an expensive theme park that guests can freely explore at their own risk, robotic hosts are featured whom guests can abuse. Some aspects might be ridiculous but it made university students think, according to IGN.

Since showing schedule cannot accommodate all university students, it can be accessed at any time through the HBO website where most streaming videos are for free to watch. The student's needs for sharing thoughts and ideas are addressed by the TV series.

This is not different from the outcome of Pretty Green's marketing study that is partly done digitally - asking 100 students questions through the website, video diaries and conversations on any means possible, discloses The Drum.  

How to hit the mark when marketing to innovative university students? Be innovative as well! The internet brings faster information to target markets in an instant. Product information must be updated on-site already prior to the launch of a product.

Giant technology companies are already competing for the same university students market but they have other vital needs. Consider that 32% of the students regularly cooked before attending university class. Only14% of these students are doing own laundry.

So, what can they possibly need? Have you ever wondered why instant noodles are highly patronized despite not being a good source of nutrition? How about presenting those nutritious packs during a school festival that allows freebies to be distributed?   

87% of survey respondents are "completely at home" in their new school after making friends in their second week of stay. This is a good opportunity for appropriate brands to visit university students in campuses for that physical rapport.

Timing is everything and there's midterm, coming home, Christmas time and staying home for comfort opportunities for branding promotion. This should come very handy when a database is already installed right at the beginning of the campaign.

Promotions can just be followed up, updated and intensified online after making your brand's existence known by taking parts of university students' affairs. This should not be difficult when you have the winning elements that captivate students like Westworld.

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