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'Sister Wives' Season 8 News, Updates, Spoilers: Kody Brown's Marriage With Meri In Trouble Over Catfishing Scandal; Will Christine and Antonio Marry Despite Browns' Disapproval?


TLC's polygamist reality television series, "Sister Wives" Season 8, hasn't even returned to television yet, and it's already brimming with drama. The show's latest trailer revealed that Meri Brown, one of Kody Brown's four wives, found herself embroiled in a catfishing scandal and had even told her violator that she "loved" him. This has caused tension between her, her husband Kody, and their daughter Mariah. Will they survive this family issue?

What went down

Prior to the confirmation of the series' renewal, "Sister Wives" Season 8 had been in limbo for a really long time. Rumors speculated that it was because Kody had wanted to get another wife. As such, his legal wife, Robyn, and his three "spiritual" wives, Meri, Christine and Janelle, allegedly threatened to leave him.

However, the new trailer for "Sister Wives" Season 8 revealed that the family was still intact--no sign of a new wife whatsoever. But there was one major issue: Meri's catfishing scandal. According to US Magazine, Kody Brown had no idea that Meri was caught in an online relationship. However, he pledged to do everything he can to save their marriage, especially for their daughter, Mariah.

Mariah, on the other hand, seemed unable to forgive her mother for the catfishing incident. RadarOnline reported that the "Sister Wives" star had told her daughter several terrible things during this "relationship," only to find out that it had been fake all along.

Christine's marriage

But good things are to arrive on "Sister Wives" Season 8. For one, Mykelti will finally be married to her fiance, Antonio Padron. But it seems as if the Brown family isn't happy about this arrangement. The new "Sister Wives" Season 8 trailer revealed that the family thinks Mykelti changes whenever Antonio is around--she becomes quiet and reserved, they said.

Will the wedding push through? Find out when "Sister Wives" Season 8 returns to TLC on Nov. 29.

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