Get Hired Online By Using The Best Keywords For Your Social Profile For An Easier Job Search


The effective selection of the right keywords for your social profile gives you the edge for a successful job search. In order for you to be easily seen by recruiters and hiring managers, make sure these keywords are placed in the right places like LinkedIn. Using the best keywords can make you appear in the search results and that means employers can easily find you.

So what does it really mean when you say keywords? Keywords are the terms used by people when they type in the search box to find what they want in a search engine and social networks. So how do you develop the right keywords? How do you make yourself visible for the recruiters? You can look at the list below and develop your keywords based on the following categories.

Professional Name

Make sure that you use the same version of your name for all your social profiles, blogs, publications, etc. When you stick to just one name, the search will be easier for the recruiters.

Job specific tools and techniques

If you are trained or qualified to use any techniques, or tools, it will be a plus if you get that included.

Your location

Be specific when you include your location and indicate your city, state and zip, so you can easily be found during a search around a city or a zip code.

College Degree or Secondary Education

If it is related to your target job, it will help if you include your college degree as well as your major.

Your target job title. It is important to consider the version of your target employers when you choose a job title for your target work. If you're in doubt, you can make use of slash for all the potential job titles the employers might be looking for. For example: "Project Manager/Senior Project Lead" or "Senior Administrative Assistant/ Executive Assistant"

Your industry

Be specific with your industry whether it's a target industry or your current one.

Certifications, licenses and proof of your industrial knowledge

If you are holding a license or earned a certification, make sure you get that added too to prove that you are qualified to do the job that you want.

Your major projects

Your involvement to a major project should be highlighted especially if it is related to your target job.

These are just a few of the categories that you need to include in your social profile to make your job search more effective. Just make sure all the information are accurate and not misleading.

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