Students Want Schools To Use Their Personal Data to Improve College Experience: Survey


A recent survey has found that 77 percent of college students want the personal data they share with their schools to be used to transform and enhance their overall college experience - inside and outside the classroom.

The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research for higher education software and services company Ellucian, discovered that students are widely open to share their personal information with their respective schools, and are expecting the schools to use the data in ways that will benefit them, Campus Technology reported.

"Today's students are savvy users of technology and comfortable sharing their data, but they expect more from colleges and universities when they do," Ellucian President and CEO Jeff Ray said in a prepared statement. "They expect institutions to utilize their data to improve their educational/academic experience just like the apps on their phone."

Here are some of the findings that the survey had:

  • 98 percent of respondents said they are hoping that their schools would use their personal data to improve academic processes;
  • 62 percent said their personal data should be used to track graduation requirements and progress;
  • 59 percent want their data used in selecting and registering for courses;
  •  53 percent said they want their data used to schedule sessions for academic advising;
  • 95 percent said they want their schools to improve their college experience, including their student life, using their personal data;
  • 49 percent want their data used to obtain adequate student health care;
  • 46 percent want it used to secure housing;
  • 44 percent want their schools to use it to help them join student organizations;
  • 42 percent hope that their data can be used to obtain perks from local bookstores, retailers and restaurants; and
  • 34 percent want their data used to help them obtain tickets to campus events such as concerts and sports games.

The online survey included 1,000 college students, and was conducted October 13 to 18. Ellucian announced the results of the survey on the same day it unveiled its new data analytics platform, Ellucian Analytics, on October 26.

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