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iPhone 7 Plus Upgrade to iOS 10.1: Take Pictures with DSLR-Effect in Portrait Mode


iPhone 7 Plus's portrait phone allows users to take pictures with DSLR-like quality thanks to its dual lens camera. The latest phone feature is part of iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.1.

According to CNET, the iPhone 7 uses 12-megapixel cameras with a wide-angle lens offers optical zoom at two to 10 times that makes the foreground subject sharp while blurring out the background. iPhone 7 Plus has Bokeh, the photography effect that was only available in DSLR cameras.

Once upgraded to iOS 10.1, users can start playing around with the phones Portrait mode. To use the Portrait mode, launch camera app then slide down the menu wheel and select portrait. Lock in the subject until a yellow "depth effect" sign pop up, adjust brightness and tick the shutter when ready. Users can change the point of focus by tapping the object on the screen. Keep the phone stable, as the process may take a little longer. Even the slightest movement can ruin the effect.

There are no rules in being creative. However, there are few rules when using the Portrait mode. According to Macworld, the telephoto lens is used in Portrait mode making the foreground appear closer and advises users to step back a little bit, observe the gap between the subject and the background.

Also, pay close attention to the lighting. More light is required for the effect to work properly. The use of natural light results in a lovely creation.

Planning to share images to other phones? Do not worry because the effect will remain the same. Now, it's time to play around and explore this new feature.

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