The Most Important Entrepreneurial Skills You Don't Learn At School


A lot of premiums have been placed on computing and coding skills. However, economic success is not just about technology and science, it is also the entrepreneurial spirit that propels a nation towards progress. The sad reality sometimes is that schools don't teach these skills in the classroom. For example, President Barack Obama proposed a $4 billion investment in computer skills but was weakly supported by Congress despite the support from the business world.

Entrepreneurial skills are very important, especially for the next generation as they are the ones who hold the fate of the country in the future. Here are those entrepreneurial skills that you need to have:

Risk Assessment

Technology has made the world we live in dynamic and always changing. And because it is always changing, the risk is also increasing. Success will depend not only on how risk is assessed but also how you look at risk in general. It also means changing one's understanding

about how failure happens. For example, it is much riskier to stay within the common and familiar path nowadays. If Tesla opt for the same path previous car companies have trodden, the innovative electric car maker might have found itself down in the dumps.

Generous Mindset

The 'dog eats dog' mindset where you have to swallow your competition do dominate the market is not only unhealthy but also passe. Instead, the best entrepreneurs are generous, always looking for ways how to make the pie bigger for everyone. This is called 'abundance thinking' where an entrepreneur creates a network that connects customers and business owners to create an ever-expanding world.

The Power to Change Circumstances

When people fail, the best and easiest route is to externalize things and blame everything for the failure. The best entrepreneurs, however, evaluate what happened and find radical solutions to change the circumstances. Oftentimes, how much a person really wants something is the driving force that sets him to motion to find solutions. In the center of every successful entrepreneur is the knowledge that they can change their situations and circumstances.

Learning How to Learn

Constant learning might not failproof a person but it surely lessens the percentage. By constant learning, a person makes himself ready for change. Looking at the lives of the most successful entrepreneurs, there's one prevalent factor among them: the love of reading. Top leaders are voracious readers. Reading opens up new worlds and ideas that go beyond the specific niche where the person is.

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