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‘Edge of Tomorrow 2' Spoilers, Story Loops Into Prequel And Sequel; Emily Blunt Rejoining Tom Cruise? [video]


Talks about the "Edge of Tomorrow 2" is receiving plenty of hype and claims that the sequel will also be a prequel. Given its plot, which involves time looping, it is possible that the new movie may be able to accomplish as much. 

The "Edge of Tomorrow 2"  has a basic basic story line in which the protagonist has the ability to travel through time, to loop back and forth and to make rapid changes in the present. Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Lt. Col. Bill Cage, the lead movie character.  He will be joined by Douglas Liman as the movie's director.

However, Emily Blunt, who played Sgt. Rita Vrataski, Cage's comrade and love interest, has yet to make any official announcement if she is returning to reprise her role in the movie's second installment.

The "Edge of Tomorrow 2" will begin where the last movie left off. In the first movie, Cage (Cruise) and Vrataski (Blunt) were able to defeat the alien invaders. Right after, the movie looped back to the beginning, where the duo have yet to meet but will, eventually.

The sequel-prequel will explain what happened after the defeat of the Omega and why the characters of Cruise and Blunt survived a seemingly suicide mission. For this reason, Cruise is set on bringing back Blunt to reprise her role.

However, Blunt has admitted that she is fearful of making sequels according to an interview she made with Uproxx while promoting her new movie at the time "Sicario." The actress fully understands that sequels often fail in comparison to the original.

Blunt believes that the first "Edge of Tomorrow" was a brilliantly executed movie with complex sci-fi elements. She will only return if the script is astounding enough to entice her.

Even Liman who directed the first movie is quick to admit that he will only do a sequel if it is the "Edge of Tomorrow 2." The director talks about revolutionizing the sequel-making process, even inserting a prequel in-between, as reported in Digital Trends.

Evidently, the new set of writers, Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel of the movie "Race" need to come up with a noteworthy script that will earn the approval of Blunt and also of the general audience. If Liman can deliver on his claims, moviegoers may get to see Cruise and Blunt unite once more in the big screen.

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