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Dare to be Different: Discover the Alien in You and Find STEM


Have you  ever encoutered an outrageous person in your High School days who's always in trouble because he's not like any other? These are signs of potential talents in STEM.

The exploring mind, curious nature, vocal with the most detailed observations and argumentative nature are just a few hints of unimaginable interests inside waiting to be discovered, says The Daily Campus.

Wise men also say that in class, if you want to choose the best leader, go for the unruly one. Christian Connors, a famous STEM artist experienced all the criticisms when he was younger. He is someone who found it difficult to fit in.

He even dropped out of school due to a misunderstanding with the teacher that has led him to the principal's office. He told his mother he does not want to go back to school and she totally agrees with him with no questions asked. Her unconditional support is the very reason why Connor excels in STEM.   

STEM students need to think, imagine and explore the unimaginable. Instead of forcing them to stop speaking their mind, they must be encouraged to dig deeper. Speaking from experience, Connor believes that storytelling can entice students to

Connors explains that basic comic books, sci-fi movies, and fantasy novels are essential art for scientists. It is not medically inclined not require 3D diagrams. 

In short, to be celebrated in STEM you have to go back to basic and admire all the things around you before they become extinct. Haplo-diploid sex determination or traumatic insemination does not interest the general public. But art scientists do.

He intends to teach people seeing the natural world and totally understands what alienate them. The world of invertebrate animals must be preserved he added. He takes up entomology course in ecology and the evolutionary biology department to further inspire him into attracting children into the STEM. 

Connor's drawing obsession made him collect various intellectual masterpieces that invoke emotions. H. P. Lovecraft's stuff is what he refers to as clouds of gas.The works of H. R. Giger, a Swiss painter who designed alien for the 1979 movie of the same title are part of his collection.

This gives variations into to his own art that are basically just about insects but defined through his natural vision that most people refuse to see.

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