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IBM CEO: Discourage College Drinking Games By Instilling Technology Know How


Students know that alcohol college drinking is prohibited within the school premises. However, teenagers are very keen in passing authorities. Faculty members can't just look after them the whole time. Security personnel are also only assigned in their own area of jurisdiction.

It has become too disturbing for parents hearing news that some students are rushed to nearby hospitals after playing college drinking games with peers. It is so easy to say to just sit down with your kids to discuss things or problems so that they will not resort to college drinking, says Psychology Today.

However, today's family lifestyle is not anymore like before. Most American families have both parents working outside of their homes. The quality time spent at home deteriorates. Students who are guided do not have to seek for their parents' attention.

It's the couple's prerogative to prioritize work over child-rearing. When this is the case, they should let responsible people or an institution to impose discipline to the children on their behalf. There are many famous personalities who were orphaned but were successful.

In fact, two U.S. Presidents were orphaned but learned discipline through the orphanage. Herbert Hoover was orphaned at the age of 9, according to CNN and Andrew Jackson at the age of four. No college drinking ever recorded in their biographies.

Students who are fond of college drinking are prone to be exposed to substance abuse. They have the urge to drink because it can alleviate physical, mental and emotional pains - at least temporarily. So parents must address the root causes of this potential problem.

Parents must be observant in their children's behavior. If they are bored often, depressed or suffering from anxiety, a qualified psychologist is the best person to help. This should include children who suffer trauma from their parents' divorce or any other painful experiences like the death of a loved one.

Ginni Rometty shares her interesting insights as a mother. She continues to be the driver to transform IBM into a top model for the digital era. As an advocacy, she has spent largely on programs for data-analysis software and skill-enhancing cloud computing.

She also took part in IBM's Watson AI or artificial intelligence technology. This is to entice students to spend their idle time in learning new skills in technology.

You will be certain that your children will be away from the college drinking game if their minds are occupied by worthwhile technical hobbies, based on Forbes' feature on her.

Understanding and dedication to the younger ones' needs are crucial to prevent this habit-forming vise - college drinking that is. Denials can only make the situation worst. Getting involved with your children's lives now and knowing what interests them count. Do that when they still need you.

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