Fashion Designer Phillip Lim Shares Helpful Tips on Career


Fashion Designer Phillip Lim, the founder of 3.1 Phillip Lim in 2005, shares a helpful advice on having a successful career while maintaining work-life balance, during a live interview for Dore's podcast.

After founding 3.1 Phillip Lim more than 10 years back, he also launched footwear in 2012. But before he was able to make a name in the fashion industry, he shared how he took up a job to unpack boxes at Barneys New York when he decided to drop out of business school. "Feeling like you haven't found your passion yet? That's okay," says Lim. "I didn't have any dreams. I only had what I wanted to wear,"

He was 25 years old when he started his work in the fashion industry from being an unpaid intern or studio assistant. He recalled that it was the toughest job he's been through in his life, but knew from that point on, that it was the beginning of his life.

"It made me want to leave the industry and stay in the industry at the same time. It was the toughest training. You got into the fashion business not to be a designer, [but to gain experience.] You were juggling, you were multi-tasking, you were getting things done," said Lim.

This was his mindset when he was starting in the biz and from there he made his way to where he is at right now. In the middle of his success, Lim has an amazingly inspirational approach that helped him balance life and career, "In this age of no time and constantly juggling, try to remember that it's your time, and it's your life," he said. "The more comfortable you get in your own skin and the more you know yourself, it's more about editing out. Not adding." He added.

And if you are wondering how he goes through the worst days, "When you're annoyed, go to the mirror and smile," he advised. "You'll just start laughing. It works."

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