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Can Bill Clinton Be Accused of Power Abuse by Helping Laureate, Crossing Blame To Hilary Clinton?


Respect begets trust but during election time, whatever Hillary Clinton does, it is always controversial to the eyes of her critics. She was noted to give respect to Doug Becker, a University CEO by giving him a head table seat at the dinner organized by the State Department for academic players.

Husband, Bill then got a 5-year honorarium of $17 million for the job. The job scope involves traveling to Madrid and touring with fellow VIPs just like Prince Felipe of Spain. He has turned down the offer allegedly few days before Hillary announces her candidacy, according to The Daily Mail.

Doug Becker heads Laureate International University and it's dragged along with the allegation of abuse of power for personal gains by the democratic presidential candidate, says The Washington Post.

The connection was speculated to have traced from Clinton's email to the chief of staff Cheryl Mills instructing her to invite a VIP from Laureate. The State dinner is considered as an effective venue for high-profile business networking.

The email, however, did not disclose about such deals. It is only assumed that it could have been the reason why Bill Clinton was chosen for the honorary job. It looks like critics undermined Bill Clinton as the former President of America - that would give mush prestige to the university.

It was also alleged that Doug Band, Bill's aide used to invite the US ambassador to Malaysia for Laureate University's affair where Bill Clinton, CEO Doug Becker and the Malaysian Prime Minister are also present, according to VOX.

Clinton's deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin defended the former president by saying that Bill Clinton never used his power to influence any authorities here and abroad for the school's benefits only, slamming critics.

John Kirby, State Department spokesman shed light on the rumors. It is natural that letters flood the State Department with invites, various proposals, and requests from individuals, local and overseas bodies. President and their predecessors are kept their contact with the department.

Transactions like this should not be interpreted maliciously. True or not, it is not wrong for Bill Clinton to help out Laureate for educational advancement that many citizens can benefit from when successful.

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