Thinking About Putting College Off? Here are the Pros and Cons


If you are grappling with the decision of whether you are going to college right after senior high or not, then you are not the only one. But how do you really make the right decision in the middle of conflicting advices?

Many high school graduating high school seniors have chosen to delay college for a variety of reasons. Some have not yet decided about the career path they'd like to take; some would like to have an experience of what it is like to be in the real world before making a decision; others do not have funding for their college education. But whatever your reasons may be, it might help you decide when you understand the advantages and the disadvantages of putting off college.

For the students who are goal oriented, a gap year can be helpful because they can just easily pick up where they left off that even when they stop for a year, they can just get back on track. For these type of students, the gap year or the short break can help them recharge after so many years of being in the academics. This is also going to be the best time for them to think about the direction they would really want to take and the career they would like to pursue.

On the other hand, delaying college may be unproductive to some students especially if they made this decision for the wrong reasons. This is not recommended to those who have a lack of discipline, because chances are, these students will only lose focus and the gap year may not really be worth it. It can also be discouraging to see some of your peers move on to college and you get left behind.

If you think about what's the right decision to make, you just have to think about what your goals really are. If you are unsure about the path you will be taking, then delaying college for a year may help you clear your mind and focus on your dreams. But if you are certain on what you want to achieve for a professional career, go on ahead and chase that dream!

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