Kansas Journalism Professor Put on Indefinite Administrative Leave on Controversial Navy Yard Shooting Tweet


A tweet posted this week by an associate professor of journalism at the University of Kansas might cost him his job.

'Blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters', his post on twitter read.

David W. Guth who made the tweet in reference to the recently condoned Navy Yard shootings, has been placed on an indefinite administrative leave. Monday's shootings in Washington, D.C., resulted in the death of 13 people including the gunman.

The Kansas Board of Regents found the tweet to be disgusting and offensive.

"In order to prevent disruptions to the learning environment for students, the School of Journalism and the university, I have directed Provost Jeffrey Vitter to place Associate Professor Guth on indefinite administrative leave pending a review of the entire situation. Professor Guth's classes will be taught by other faculty members," Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little said.

Guth said that his tweet 'got a conversation going - that was exactly what I wanted to do.' He accepted the university's decision of placing him under indefinite administrative leave amid email threats he and others at the university received.

"It is in the best interests and peace of mind of our students that I remove myself from the situation and let cooler heads prevail," Guth said. "I know what I meant. Unfortunately, this is a topic that generates more heat than light."

Navy Yard shooting tweet criticised by several lawmakers and university faculty

The tweet which slowly gathered attention caused a huge outcry in the social media, where some state lawmakers called for Guth's resignation.

Kansas Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, R-Hutchinson was surprised by the tweet and urged the university to remove Guth from the faculty.

"Wishing death and damnation upon parents and their children is reprehensible and not befitting an employee of such a distinguished university," Bruce said.

Rep. Brett Hildabrand, a Shawnee Republican, asked the university officials via Twitter to take 'appropriate action' against Guth.

Guth defiant about Navy Yard tweet

Despite the repercussion Guth doesn't regret the tweet.

"Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet," Guth said. "I don't take it back one bit."

The university faculty members also disagreed with Guth's point of view. They said that Guth has the right to express his sentiments.

"While the First Amendment allows anyone to express an opinion, that privilege is not absolute and must be balanced with the rights of others. That's vital to civil discourse," Ann Brill, dean of the journalism school, said. "Professor Guth's views do not represent our school and we do not advocate violence against any group or individuals."

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