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Oct 27, 2016 09:32 AM EDT

STEM Education Now Alive With Upbeat Grooves and Moves by NASA and Honeywell


Honeywell Hometown Solutions and NASA introduce the experience to learn through hip-hopping to Louisiana this fall. This is the no. 25 tour of the award-winning event since it started in 2004. "FMA Live!" also perform in 3 middle schools; Cope, T.O. Rusheon Middle and finally at Elm Grove Middle School - all in the initial week.

FMA Live! Forces in Motion had been featured in 1,200 schools, 48 adjacent U.S. states, plus Mexico then Canada. Hip-hop music creates the upbeat environment, with dancing to jive with the tone while student volunteers conduct science experiments demonstrating how physics is used every day in our daily existence as the main presentation.

Donald James, associate administrator of NASA's Education Department inspired the attendees by saying that future 20125 astronauts are present during the moment in middle schools where the event took place.  

Each performance focuses on Newton's law of universal gravitation and 3 laws of motion. FMA Live! is named after Newton's second law of motion [Force equals Mass times Acceleration] and uses music videos and engaging scientific demonstrations to teach and inspire students hoping that they would pursue having STEM careers.

The tour aims to give the real culture of science and math that they are fun but vital in today's lifestyle. This should entice students to consider exploring themselves if they are fit to be instrument in life-changing explorations, Mike Bennett, the president of Honeywell. "FMA Live!" is a proof that the 2 main subjects are not tough and boring. They are the opposite for the right students.

"FMA Live" is where Newton's 3 Laws of Motion as well as Universal Law of Gravity are demonstrated using popular actors, hip-hop background music with marching music videos while scientific demonstrations interact with the crowd. Video interviews with NASA's scientists and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineers do the actual teachings.

Honeywell and NASA really made a breakthrough with FMA Live! It is just too inspiring to have a second look at STEM concepts and careers. If the Forces and Motion exercises are that exciting, grades 5 to 8 students will be running towards STEM.

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