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The Simpson’s 'The Shining' parody emphasizes Homer’s alcoholism and TV addiction


The holidays usually become sources of inspiration for TV specials, whether it is for Halloween, Christmas, New Year or Valentine's Day. Usually they act as a filler content which would link the episode with the current season, as well as it provides a theme for the show. The Simpsons has proven this so well through their long tradition of producing the Treehouse of Horror Halloween special.

The parody of The Shining was one of the most memorable The Simpsons parodies. The Shining is a story of a psychic child, with twists that shows blood directly spilling out of the elevator, and a calm family scene in a winter garden. Considering the comedic nature of The Simpsons, the Stephen King horror novel has been transformed into its exaggerated version, as shown by the Polygon.

The Shining parody has shown Homer in his manic period. It also emphasized Homer's drinking problem which become quite a basis for his madness according to All Games. Since Homer's character is always bothered, with nothing else other than his family, he transformed into a monster. Homer's good friend and bartender Moe have offered him beer but he has to kill his family for it.

Homer is shocked about the whole scenario, but as time went by and his thirst made him desperate, he turned into someone who will do anything just to get what he wants. Homer's couch-potato syndrome is another aspect that was explored into the series. This is usually a source of joke but in the Treehouse of Horror parody, it is presented as a source of addiction for Homer.

Homer became angry and violent, while he was finding out a way to get his hands on any kind of alcohol or for a dose of television. His family has become terrified by him, and they run away. The Shining horror special of The Simpsons is indeed a perfect Halloween special that also presents a funny side.


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