Women Vital to NASA's Success: 'Hidden Figures' A Film AImed To Encourage Girls to take up STEM Careers

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Volunteers play a vital part in various NASA explorations. The most recent involve the capturing of Martian South polar region images. Slabs of frozen carbon dioxide are identified. "Spiders" or erosions are also detected. Children who are fascinated with this kind of activity must be nurtured for possible NASA career in the future.

Context Camera or CTX is used to review images on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Seasonal terrains are identified near Mars' South Pole. The "Planet Four: Terrains" website collect all these efforts from volunteers. They have aided scientists who conduct Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera with high resolution.

The time devoted by volunteers to explore Mars is priceless. HiRISE Deputy Principal Investigator Candice Hansen appreciates the great efforts. She works for the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona. "Thanks to the discovery power of so many people, without their assistance the study on Mars will be much more complicated," she said. Candice is also hopeful that more women will take up careers in NASA. A woman's ability to pay attention to details has shown to be more precise than their male counterparts.

Mimi Valdes, executive producer at Hidden Figures. Dr. Jeanette Epps, NASA's Johnson Space Center astronaut; and Christina Deoja, an electrical engineer at NASA, also share the same view as Candice. They are currently studying the STEM diversity. All these women encourage budding girls all over the world to look into STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) careers. NASA's space travel is still into putting humans on Mars. This should inspire the new generation to go into exceptional matters that are out of this world.

Valdes is into the "Hidden Figures", a documentary film about the 3 women who were instrumental in the moon exploration. The aim is to inspire more girls to consider careers in STEM. To work with NASA is another great endeavor for them where there's vital need.

Deoja is NASA's electrical engineer. She is hands-on to the power systems for rockets in space programs. She wants to be the role models for girls and takes pride in her work with NASA. Her 9 long years with the body has been fulfilling for her. The 3 women share the same view that women should be visible in this trade, according to Silicon Angle. The movie, Hidden Figures should not be missed especially by those interested females.

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