At Age 42 Mark Wahlberg Receives High School Diploma (VIDEO)


Education has no age limit!

True to the saying, the 42-year-old American film actor & producer, Mark Wahlberg completed his high school education June 2013. Instead of dealing with 'mid life crisis' Wahlberg finished his remaining credits successfully by taking online classes a year ago.

The 'Ted' star dropped out of school in ninth grade after being charged with attempted murder. Wahlberg eventually pleaded guilty to assault, received a two-year sentence behind bars and served 45 days.

"My circumstances were not unlike millions of other teens today, who live in tough working class neighborhoods surrounded by drugs, violence and crime, and who struggle to stay on the right path without positive influences," Wahlberg said.

Calling this achievement, 'a huge accomplishment' Wahlberg said, "It's also a huge sense of relief. I wondered, 'Why didn't I do it when I was there?' It's so much harder at 41 going back and trying to do all these difficult tasks."

Describing his experience as 'both humbling and challenging,' the former high school dropout stated that he would study whenever time permitted, 'while travelling for work, at home and between takes on the set of 'Two Guns' as well. Among the subjects, he found Math to be the hardest, even though he claims to be 'good at counting money and keeping track of his money.'

Wahlberg chose not to reveal his study plans to his 'Two Guns' co-star Denzel Washington.

"Denzel was always asking me what I was doing but I didn't want to share that information with him," Wahlberg said. "Nobody knew, because I felt like I don't like to count my chickens before they hatch, so I didn't want to say that I was doing it until I actually finished it. What if I said I'm doing this and I didn't finish it?"

Wahlberg, who was nominated twice for an Oscar, said that his four children were the reason behind his motivation to resume education.

"I didn't want the kids saying, 'You didn't do it, so why do I need it?' They are all wanting to do things in their future that require an education," Wahlberg said.

Now that he's crossed his first hurdle in higher education, Wahlberg hopes to enroll at a college and study courses relating to his acting career.

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