Recess and Student Success are Correlated Says Experts From Universities


Everybody loves recess and why not when all you have to do is eat and play. How well do you remember as a child that despite the energy you spend playing during recess, it never seemed to die down. It turns out that recess is not just about the fun that kids experience during that brief time during the day. Research have shown that recess has a direct correlation with student success.

A study conducted by a team of interdisciplinary educators at Clemson University look at the impact of recess on the emotional, social, and mental development of a student and discovered that it indeed has a big impact on a student's academic success.They further stressed that educators and schools should put premium to it as much as the academic subjects.

"If there were any other activity that benefited a child in all the ways recess does, I would be surprised. There are few activities that help to regulate emotion, manage behavior, and challenge young students physically while also developing problem solving, communication and collaboration-related skills,' said Fiaza Jamil, assistant professor of child development in the College of Education.

A similar research was done by a group of Stanford researchers where they found out the positive impact of recess in students' behaviors, especially in low-income elementary schools. The study added that in order to maximize the impact of recess, it should have four elements: positive relationship with peers and adults, school that encourages connectedness and engagement, physical and emotional safety at school, and a support for learning.

Recess, where play is the most prevalent element, is encouraged even by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights that one of the issues it puts premium in is the right of the child to play.

However, recess is not just about play but about its quality. That is why the research suggests that there should be trained 'coaches' during recess time because adults are an integral element to a 'well-rounded recess experience.' Adults do not just improve the quality of recess but it also increases te safety and security that the children feel.

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