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Oct 25, 2016 11:52 AM EDT

It's Not How Trump Can be A Role Model For Kids But How They Can Learn From Him. Or Can They?


Republicans claim that the only way to have a big change happening in America is to let Donald Trump win. They are confident that he will lead the government into a different direction. That is straying away from existing policies that dissatisfy people. But when the NECN debate moderator asks New Hampshire GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte, she misspoke. She explains that she actually meant that both Hillary and Trump can't be role models instead of "absolutely".

Can Donald Trump be a role model to the children? Would you tell your child to be like Trump? Good manners dictate that the answer to these questions should be an absolute "yes" - if referring to a presidential candidate. The world changes rapidly along with technology, perhaps so does manners.

"I think that certainly there are many role models that we have"; she said. "I believe he can serve as president". "So absolutely, I would do that," she confirms in Henniker, New Hampshire during the debate hosted by New England College; according to CNN. She retracts her statement later that night saying otherwise and dragged Hillary Clinton along with it.

If the trend in proper behavior already changes, we would want to learn about it, naturally. Found yourself falling off your chair the first time Trump says that Mexican immigrants are rapists and terrorists? Perhaps, the Republican candidate has some data to support it - but can that be an effective way to enhance foreign relations with another country? 

Many students are comparing Donald Trump to Hitler, said the Chronicle. Try checking google and you will be overwhelmed with the millions of results. Memes also flood the web and the Trump mania has obviously become a larger than life comedy sketch. The good thing is, the minds of the young ones are prompted to think comparatively. This is how historians stimulate their brains to do their work.

While Donald Trump is suffering from dwindling poll survey rates as per CNN, professional historians are careful in making comparisons. As complex as they are, they basically try to engage students in comparisons and analogies the quickest and boldest way possible. Just like them. It is very handy when it comes to discussing Donald Trump. Definitely, his somewhat different style has irked the students' curious minds. This is enough contribution of Trump to educators since campaigning for or against him is not for them to influence. Donald Trump may not be a good role model to children but they can learn 101 ways on how not to behave by just hearing him out!

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