US Education Secretary John King's Statement at the National Press Club on Civic Education


US Education Secretary John King Jr. delivered his statements at the National Press Club, Wednesday, October 19, calling for support on more civic education.

As he spoke in front of the National Press Club, he emphasizes on civic education and making sure that all students receive the same level of education, no matter the race or zip code. He added that schools play a significant role in raising awareness to students and prepare them for their role as America's problem solvers. Among his remarks, he said that students should get involved in the society, instead of thinking about their own needs, that they should be able to tackle problems that the nation faces and be able to serve others. And all these things are learned in school.

"The reality is that many of the biggest issues, including tensions between police and communities of color, are not going to be settled solely by a decision by the president or Congress or even a bill passed by a state legislature," King said. "What's also needed are citizens who will work with others and vote strategically to demand changes in police training to include bias, cultural competency and ways to defuse tense situations in police training."

In order for all of these things to happen and materialize, students need to learn how to get involved, they need to acquire the knowledge and the skills to make these happen and these can be learned in schools, King added.

According to King, encouraging civic engagement will be able to inspire students to go beyond what they do for themselves to address their own needs, "being willing to think beyond our own needs and wants and to embrace our obligations to the greater good."

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