‘Dragon Ball Super’ vs ‘One Piece’ News & Update: Anime Series Tied on Audience Share Released by Videor

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The "Dragon Ball Super" is gaining momentum in Japanese televisions as it recently tied with "One Piece" in the network's audience share survey. Reaching the 6.2 percent rating, DBS subtly caught up with "One Piece" over the months, and the number is seen to increase even more as the popularity rating of the anime continue to rise.

According to the News, "One Piece" popularity is not only because of the colorful misadventures of the straw hats pirates, but the merchandising that accompanied the series. The anime's manga series also has a great following. Despite news of its imminent ending, that didn't stop Japanese viewers from watching the series.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" was launched in 2015 by the Fuji Network Television, wherein it was hailed as "One Piece" greatest competitor. Currently, the two anime series are competing for the sixth spot in the most popular anime series in Japan.

Other shows include "Sazae-san" with 12.7 percent, "Chibi Maruko-chan" with 9 percent, "Doraemon" with 8.4 percent, "Shin-Chan" with 8 percent, "Detective Conan" with 6.6 percent, "Dragon Ball Super" with 6.2 percent, "One Piece with" 6.2 percent, "Time Bokan" with 4.6 percent, "Yokai W" with 3.3 percent and "Moho P" with 3.3 percent.

Looking through the news online, people say that "Dragon Ball Super" has surpassed "One Piece," when in fact, they are tied at number six spot. The reason behind the claim was revealed, and it has something to do with Videor's way of declaring the current winner. Who ever premiered first on television will get the higher spot.

For more information and update on the "Dragon Ball Super" and "One Piece" anime series, you can check us here on the University Herald. Also, you can check on One Piece's latest manga spoilers online, plus the news of its imminent ending that is highly talked about online.

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