Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs: MacBook Pro 2016 Struggling To Keep Up With Surface Pro 5 [VIDEO]


Microsoft is once again prepping for a competition with Apple Inc., as its Surface Pro 5 will have a direct battle with the MacBook Pro 2016. However, if all indications prove to be correct, the Redmond-based tech company will have another winner in its hands.

Reports keep banging up the internet regarding the competition of Surface Pro 5 and MacBook Pro 2016. In spite of that, the MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to be unveiled before October ends, while the new Surface Pro is slated to fire up in the first half of 2017, according to HNGN.

Surface Pro 5 is anticipated to hit the market with a 4K display, but a 2K display option will also be made available. Out of the box, the upcoming laptop is said to be packed with the latest Windows 10 operating system. The system update of the device is already scheduled for unveiling on Oct. 26, Learn Bonds reported.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 5 is believed to come along with the new standard USB Type-C port, and the sought after device will run smoothly on 16GB of RAM. Furthermore, the machine is expected to be powered by the all new Intel Kaby Lake processor.

Be that as it may, a new Surface device is not appealing without its accessories. As such, the Surface Pen and the Surface Keyboard of Surface Pro 5 are expected to be updated and improved.

The new Surface Pen is said to sport a rechargeable battery when magnetically connected to the device. On the other hand, the keyboard is expected to be better compared to the current device, most likely in terms of comfort, durability and connection.

Rumors of Surface Pro 5 integrating the NVIDIA graphics card have increased rapidly as well, but the tech giant has not confirmed it. Since the tech company has remained silent regarding the rumored specs, tech fans should take the speculations with a grain of salt.

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