Supergirl and Superman joined forces in 'Supergirl' Season 2 [VIDEO]


A short introduction to his character was brimming with Clark Kent-isms that we've long missed on screen: his smile, body and interesting identity. Right after he sensed danger, he immediately runs down an alley, rips open his shirt to reveal the signature S-shield, and launches up, up and away to help Supergirl save the day.

The day when he arrives at the DEO, the agents gathered around to applaud his efforts and catch a glimpse of this dorky man. Rather than being arrogant, he approached the agents with a smile, shake their hands and thank them for their help protecting the planet.

As his character, Superman always thinks about others, about their safety. When he met Alex Danver, he offers to help her without hesitations to find her father.

After saving the shuttle with Supergirl, he stops to say hello to the civilians who happened to be riding by on their bikes.After saving a family from being gunned down by John Corben's drones, he gives them a wink before rocketing back into the air to save the next citizen in need.

"This guy is impossibly nice big brother, your most dependable best friend, hero and an all in one role model," says a citizen.

Most importantly, they never stole a role to Supergirl, it is still her show according to the Show maker.

She was the first to get to the shuttle, and took the core of the weight as she held it up from the nose as Superman tried to slow it down from the back. When the building is started to off, she had Superman hold it up while she figured out how to fix it and repaired the broken support beam.

And when Corben's drones attacked, Superman cleaned up the city as Supergirl put herself in between the drones and their target, taking a rocket to the face in the process.

While the narrative did play up the fact that Supergirl is living in Superman's shadow and showed us how she deals with that, never was the Girl of Steel shown to be any less the hero.

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