CAA’s Head Global Client Strategist: You Can Succeed in Entertainment or Business Doing Nonprofit Work

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In his interview with Forbes, Brian Weinstein, head of Creative Artists Agency's (CAA) Global Client Strategy - the world's leading entertainment and sports agency, shared his journey to relocating and starting his career over, how he used his network, the celebrities that inspire him and how he helps others get the break they need.

Apart from his work with the CAA, Brian also works with nonprofit The Opportunity Network which he co-founded 13 years ago, to help college students and young professionals get the right break in their careers.

Forbes contributor Jessica Pliska asked Brian who he looks up to from the different stars and athletes he get to meet and work with.

Brian Weinstein said he admires Lorne Michaels, Eva Longoria, Ryan Seacrest and Will Packer.

The producer of the remake of Roots, Will Packer is a self-made entrepreneur. When he was still in college, Will made a movie and asked a local theater to show it. His determination is the key to success.

Eva Longoria, despite her success in entertainment is both a great voice for the Latino community and an entrepreneur. She stands her ground and works hard.

Ryan Seacrest has already attained a great achievement with his radio and television shows, runs his own production company and works on branded ads but he still gets up and works hard every single day.

Lorne Michaels has been producing Saturday Night Live for the past 40 years but it never grows old and it's even funnier now. Lorne discovers new talents each year, he shows us that life is a marathon and not a sprint.

Weinstein told Pliska that he first realized the value of networks and how it can take you to places while he was still in college, working as a summer intern for Rep. Nita Lowey. He met people there and stayed in touch with them and there was one person who was a mentor to George Stephanopoulos, then President Bill Clinton's communications director. This person helped him get connected and the next summer Brian was an intern in the West Wing.

When they moved to L.A. from New York, he asked friends who knew anyone in New York and had to call up and meet with a number of people to get connected. Brian remembers some were unhelpful but he kept making calls and this eventually led him to Bryan Lourd, managing director of the CAA.

Brian Weinstein believes that we have an obligation to help others. He is eager to help young, motivated and talented individuals break into the entertainment industry. If they can give him the place they want to work and find job vacancies there, he doesn't mind sharing his connections.

Aside from being part of The Opportunity Network, Brian also works with other nonprofits. He says it has helped him enormously. The most important thing, according to Brian is that you are doing good and that in itself is a reward. More than that, nonprofits helps you get connected with a number of people and build relationships outside your industry that helps you expand your network.

One such person is Alan Patricof who has worked with both for profit and nonprofit organizations whom Brian met when he started a tech company when he was younger. The venture failed but he was able to build and nurture the relationship with Mr. Patricof who helped him significantly when the started The Opportunity Network.

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