Watch NBC’s ‘Timeless’ - You Just Might Learn Something [VIDEO]


A time traveling criminal using a stolen time machine plan to rewrite American history. The heroes, a pilot, history professor, and a soldier are in pursuit using a prototype of the stolen machine.

Our motley crew needs to be one step ahead of the villain and must try to catch him before incurring irreparable damage to the timeline and changing American history that can affect our present and eventually change the course of our future.

The plot and premise are as old as time itself [no pun intended] among the many time-traveling and time-bending show out there this season, seemingly, from every network. But what sets it apart?

Traveling back in time as far as we know is not possible. The rules of the show are simplified. For one, they cannot go back to where they were twice. Doing so would mean the timeline is now disrupted and will change everything as we know it.

And now the fun part. Since the show goes back to specific points of importance in time, it's a virtual refresher of American and world history. Historians are on set to provide interesting twists to the storyline.

The only problem with this type of series is the perennial question of "what if?" To cite an example, in Episode 2, if they stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, they could have prevented racism. But they can't do that since if they did, they would have returned to a future (our present) that is totally different from where they left off.

From what we have seen from the pilot episode, it could be an interesting show to watch.

"Timeless," Mondays 10/9c on NBC features Goran Višnjić as Garcia Flynn, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Sakina Jaffrey as Agent Denise Christopher, and Paterson Joseph as Connor Mason.

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