'Pokemon GO' Cheat, No Jailbreak: Hack to Catch, Set Pace and Spin that won't Get Banned


"Pokemon GO" requires players to street-hunt the monsters to catch them all but with the new cheating app, they no longer have to. And they can be relaxed as it won't get easily banned.

"Pokemon GO" cheat using PokeGOD

PokeGOD is a bot developed by UC Berkeley students. This is an essential app for "Pokemon GO" players who wish to level up a little faster than they're used to. Cracking the game makes it easier to move around without leaving your house. Enstarz uploaded the video on how the bot works as it spoofs location and alert player if a Pokemon is ready to be caught.

PokeGOD in App Store

What is even better for the cheat is that PokeGOD is available in App Store. It's a surprising thing since applications that are in App Store, are already approved by Apple. This means that the bot is accessible for everyone with just $1.99.

Will Niantic ban this "Pokemon GO" cheat?

As it is said before, PokeGOD is a cheating bot but the way it works may not get players banned. It has a 'walking at pace' feature that fakes your walk and fools the app. PokeGOD also works with the latest iOS update without having to jailbreak the device.

Niantic has been at war with unauthorized third-party apps. The developer regularly rolls out updates to prevent malware and add layers of prevention from being hacked. People are curious how Niantic would react about Apple approving PokeGOD on App Store.

As of the moment, PokeGOD is the ultimate cheat for "Pokemon GO" gameplay after it has made it to App Store.

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