Harvard Psychology Major Says : Play Video Games, Get a Job


Here is one great news for all the video and PC game fanatics out there. Call it the "revenge of the gamers" because companies will soon be requiring game scores in hiring employees. This was what a Harvard psychology major is trying to match companies and prospective employees.

A new startup called Scoutible is helping employers in their hiring process through the use of video games. However, this is not just your popular XBox, PS4, or PC games but rather, brain games that will help the human resource department identify which person is the right fit for the position or the company. It has been creating games that assess cognitive abilities and measures the character cues of an individual that can't otherwise be seen on paper.

The games look like the usual smartphone game one can find at the App or Google Play stores and not the boring mind games. In fact, the individual won't feel that the game is testing their abilities. For example, one game called Lava Cave feels like the course at Bowser Castle in Mario Kart. It tests an individual's memory capacity, risk tolerance, and pattern recognition.

One of the best things about Scoutible is that company's can tweak it according to the criteria or preferences in hiring so the person should not expect to see the same sequence again and again.

For companies who want to know more about their employees, Scoutible lets them play a 20-minute game which measures their cognitive skills. After that, the scores of the top performers are cross-referenced against the scores of those who have played the game.

Scoutible was established by Angela Antony, a psychology major and has also a law degree at Harvard University. The company won a $50,000 seed money during a startup competition held in San Francisco where it received positive reviews.

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