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HTC Launches Vivport: a Global VR Store


HTC in cooperation with Valve has provided an avenue for its users to have an access on getting and enjoying Virtual Reality games on the Steam store. However, Vive is doubling its effort to gain and nuance itself in providing cool and enjoyable non-gaming experiences that users could choose to do when using the VR headset.

Hence, in order to achieve this, the company has initiated the Viveport, a storefront of applications that do not have gaming contents being yielded to be enjoyed in Virtual Reality. Viveport is launched in more than 30 countries across the globe with more or less 60 titles that expand to platforms such as education, design, social, video, sports, music, creativity tools and a whole lot more.

HTC is merrymaking the launch by providing users a bunch of Virtual Reality titles for just one buck, so regardless if you own a VR or not, this is the most perfect time to actually grab one now since you have a chance to experience its coolness in a very low price.

Viveport Premieres will capitalize on new and fresh contents that is going to be launched on the store, primarily. If users try to check it right now, they can see content such as Everest VR, The Blu, Pearl, The Music Room as well as Stonehenge VR and other titles that aren't available on any brands. Viveport is also showcasing tons and tons of never-before-seen popular Virtual Reality experiences that originated from China as reported by TechCrunch.

As of the moment, HTC Vive owners can only access and run the apps directly with the help of Steam, or by downloading it from a third party service like Itch .io. Even if here are a lot of users who still go through Steam, it would be better for HTC to integrate these services on other platforms so that other customers and developers could access it easily, according to The Verge.

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