Apple Launches New macOS SIerra: Cool Features and Upgrading Tips Just In Time For School


Last month, the tech giant deployed the recent upgrade for their Mac product line: macOS Sierra. In their annual upgrades, Apple claims that Sierra is built with the users in mind. The upgrade is now available on the App Store and it comes with both big and subtle changes, so if you haven't made the switch yet, here are somethings you might want to know.

First off, it was announced earlier this week that Apple will begin downloading macOS Sierra today, it won't automatically install itself but if you'd rather install the update at your own leisure, we suggest checking your apps and update preferences.

The Mac Observer also reported earlier this week that one reason you may want to upgrade to the new operating system sooner is security. It notes some issues about El Capitan and Yosemite and also mentioned these and earlier versions of OS X might share the same security issues with the iOS.

The article in The Mac Observer suggests that if you don't have any mission critical apps that might affect your work and other projects, then you should go ahead and upgrade. If you are concerned whether or not critical mission apps installed to your Mac will be affected by the upgrade then it's highly recommended to get in touch with vendors and developers to get some advice on the issue.

Before you go ahead and download, check your disk space and more importantly, check your Mac's compatibility with the new OS.

Apple decided to continue with their recent streak of naming their OS after California landmarks: Yosemite, after the Yosemite Valley, El Capitan, one of the iconic rock formations in the valley and now, Sierra after the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

The biggest change is Siri. Yes, Apple's digital assistant makes its debut on Mac. It has the same capabilities it did with the iOS and a few more like displaying your computer's content or checking its status.

The next coolest innovation is the ability to copy and paste universally. This means that you can copy a picture from your Apple mobile device and paste it to a presentation or document you're working on in your MacBook or iMac.

If you own an iWatch, another great feature is that you can now use your iWatch to unlock your apple computer with Sierra.

Mac users will now also have the ability to customize the menu bar and rearrange icons to their liking. With Sierra, it's also possible to share notes in iCloud. What's more is that you now also have the ability to sync your entire desktop with iCloud.

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