FIU Suspends Fraternity over Facebook Posts on Selling Drugs and Nude Photos of Women


Florida International University (FIU) has suspended the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity this week after a series of Facebook posts by members on selling and using drugs, boasting about hazing new members and making sexist comments about women went public. Nude photos of women were also shared on its private Facebook page.

Since the allegations, the FIU Pike Facebook page has been deleted. The allegations surfaced after an anonymous email was sent to several media outlets and university administrators that included screenshots of about 70 posts from the page, detailing its members' actions that are strictly prohibited by university policy.

"The university is taking this information very seriously because it suggests possible Student Code of Conduct violations," FIU said. "The university took prompt action and placed the fraternity on interim suspension pending the outcome of investigations by appropriate university departments, including the police. As a result, the fraternity has been instructed to cease all meetings and events."

Several Facebook postings revealed conversations of selling study drugs to their own members and other students in the Greek Community, including Adderall, weed brownies and cocaine among others.

One of the posts on Facebook read:

"So I've sold out of 20mg addy. I have a few 10mg addy left. $5 a pop first come first serve."

Other posts showed photographs of topless women, one of them is reported to have been taken when the woman was 17 years old.


"The International Fraternity had no previous knowledge of this Facebook group and was informed of its existence on Tuesday, August 20, 2013," Pi Kappa Alpha's national said. "The International Fraternity has been assured of the chapter's full compliance with the temporary suspension and subsequent investigation."

The fraternity members' behaviour was not very well received by the campus community. They stated that it is disrespectful and represents a bad example of a Greek life.

"Obviously, it is bad for the university. Like hazing and selling of drugs, you can't be doing that here in school," said Oscar Martier, FIU sophomore.

"I think it tilts the perception in a negative direction. In reality, fraternity and sororities are mostly beneficial in many ways," said David Serrano, FIU senior.

 "I don't think it's nice. They should not do it at all. I don't think anyone should behave like that, but I don't think it is anything surprising," said Gabriela Vallardias, FIU Freshman.

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