'Finding Dory', 'Up', and 'Zootopia' Among the Top 5 Disney Films That Can Inspire Adults


When someone talks about Disney movies, one thing comes to mind - it's a film for kids. Little did we know that some of the animated movies they make also appeals to the older crowd.

According to Screenrant, there are several Disney movies that are made for the adult audience. Come to think of it, it's the parents who pay for the movies so it makes sense to makes films that can trigger their interest as well


Released in March, "Zootopia" tells a story about a rabbit named Judy Hopps who has always dreamt of becoming the first rabbit police officer. She did her best and even graduated as a valedictorian; however, Chief Bogo doubts Judy's potential. Somehow, the movie was able to touch on current social problems such as discrimination and even racism.

Finding Dory

According to Hollywood Reporter, "Finding Dory" earned more than $900 million dollars since its release in summer. "Finding Dory," which is a sequel to "Finding Nemo" that was released back in 2003, successfully tapped its now adult fan-based while strongly creating a new market for its franchise in the future.

Wreck-It Ralph

This is an obvious one. There are a lot of references in this film to prove that it was made to address the adult audience. The main character, Wreck-It Ralph, is someone who's been dealing with anger and temper issues. Most kids are not familiar with support groups so if this animated film is not adult enough for viewers, we don't know what is.

Inside and Out

This movie follows the story of a girl named Riley who was forced to leave the life she'd known because her family has to move to a new place. It goes on to explore the feelings of Riley - sadness, fear, anger, and disgust as well as the emotions of the other characters in the film, especially the parents.


Who could forget the lovable boy "Russel" from "Up." Kids love him, his adventures and misadventures. But of course, who could forget the strong love that exist between Carl and Ellie where even after Ellie's death, Carl continues on to visit the Paradise Falls - the place where he and Ellie planned to visit for so long.

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