David Duchovny’s Starrer ‘Aquarius’ Has Been Cancelled; Actor To Focus On 'X-Files' Series?


"Aquarius," the TV series about notorious serial killer Charles Manson, has been cancelled. After two seasons of poor ratings, David Duchovny's series has been canned, and though it doesn't look good for the actor, there may be a silver lining to all of this.

According to TV Series Finale, the showrunners originally planned to come up with five seasons for the Charles Manson bio-series, wherein they even tried to mimic Netflix's strategy of releasing a whole season in one sitting when they released the first installment online. However, the lackluster ratings of the first season endangered the show's future, although, the producers at NBC decided to let the series move forward to another season.

"Aquarius" Season 2 suffered in ratings as well, and when NBC decided to move the show to Saturday evenings, the series eventually succumbed to its tragic fate with the final episode airing on Sept. 10.

A show that had potential

"Aquarius" showrunner John McNamara told The Hollywood Reporter that he wanted the series to show the life of Charles Manson at great length. He said that he originally wanted the show to have six seasons, but when it came to displaying Manson's life, he chose which situations would make it to the small screen and which ones wouldn't.

McNamara said that the show was designed to connect the dots between Manson and his victims, rather than simply showing to the audience how he came about to becoming one of the most hated serial killers in the world.

Meanwhile, the death of one show could mean the rebirth of another for Duchovny. According to the same publication, the cancellation of "Aquarius" means that the actor will have more time to focus on his other show.

David Madden of Fox said that due to the high ratings of the revived "X-Files," another season is a large possibility, and with Duchovny not attached to any TV series at the moment, this might mean that there will be another installment for "The X-Files."

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