‘WWE 2K17’ Updates: View Full Roster, Special Promos Feature


"WWE 2K17" is bringing big changes to the game franchise this year, as there's a larger roster of wrestlers to choose from, plus new features have been developed. With the "WWE 2K17" release date just around the corner, developers have begun teasing fans about its new content.

There are 136 unique playable characters in "WWE 2K17," which includes 25 female characters. Plus there are 20 downloadable content characters that will be available upon purchase.

Among the standouts in the roster include The Rock, Tripe H, Mick Foley, Sasha Banks and Mr. Perfect. Also featured are NXT Superstars such as Shinsuke Nakamura, Hideo Itami and Asuka.

The character rendering is flawless, save for a few ones that don't look a lot like their real-life counterpart. For instance, Forbes noted that Dana Brooke looks like a "demented doll."

Nevertheless, the graphics look smashing overall. And because the rendering is better in "WWE 2K17," the developers even used the character renders as icons instead of using real-life images of the wrestlers.

In an interview with Game Spot, creative director Lynell Jinks shared that much of the game elements that were taken out in "WWE 2K15" were re-incorporated in "WWE 2K17." Also, they made it a point to make the animations and transitions feel smoother than before. The whole gameplay will feel like a livesteam of a real-life WWE match, except that the player is in control of the fiasco that ensues.

"[There are also] new mechanics with tables, and the ladder system is completely redone this year" Jinks said. "We're getting backstage brawls back in, fighting within the crowd--those elements are really cool and really fun."

Jinks added that one of the most interesting additions to "WWE 2K17" are the promos. It's just like the promos done on WWE TV.

"Ideally it's four choices and five rounds of that. That can change if someone interrupts your promo--then you're in a sort of promo battle where it's you against another person vying for the crowd," Jinks explained about the concept of promos.

"WWE 2K17" is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. "WWE 2K17" is out in stores on Oct. 11.

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