Want a Job? Take a Look at Companies Already Hiring for the Holidays


The holidays are just around the corner which means a lot of people are looking for other ways to generate income in time for the holidays. It seems that they won't have a hard time looking for it because there are already companies who are opening their doors to those who want a job these holiday season.

Challenger, Gray & Christian, outplacement consulting firm, said that retail companies are expected to hire around 700,000 workers during the holiday season this year. That might be less than the 738,000 hires last year but it's not a bad number at all.

According to Challenger CEO John A. Challenger, the sector that will have an increase in hiring this year will be the transportation and warehousing sectors because more and more people are turning to online shopping during the holidays as it is more convenient and comfortable than traditional shopping. With this in mind, he also said that there will be a decrease in the employment of cash registers. He added that UPS, FedEx, and Amazon are expected to increase their manpower as well.

Flexjobs CEO Sara Sutton Fell said that the idea that only retail stores are hiring for the holidays is a myth. She also added that aside from giving professionals extra income, these jobs are also a great way to build your skills, experience, and portfolio. It might even lead to someone else's dream job.
"seasonal jobs can also be a great way to gain experience and skills, build upon your resume, provide a foot in the door with a company to a permanent position," Sutton said.

Meanwhile, for those who are looking to snag a job during the holiday seasons, here are some of the companies who are looking to hire for extra people:

  • UPS plans to hire about 95,000 seasonal workers that include drivers, package handlers, and driver helpers across the country.
  • Amazon is looking forward to hiring around 100,000 temporary workers that will handle the orders during this season. They are also looking for work-from-home customer service representatives.
  • FedEx, like UPS is also looking to hire around 50,000 temporary drivers across the country.
  • Macy's is looking for 83,000 temporary employees that will man their stores, distribution outlets, call centers, and online fulfillment centers this season.Target wants at least 75,000 people to help them handle the holiday rush. Most of these will be working as cash registers and stock clerks while some will work at fulfillment and distribution centers.

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