Trump Finds Supporters Even Among Young Liberals in Hofstra University


During this presidential elections, the millenials are usually leaning towards Hillary Clinton while Trump has the majority of the older generation. However, a recent debate in Hofstra University in New York revealed that there are young liberals who support Trump.

Recent surveys have revealed Clinton's popularity among the 35 and below age bracket is 56 percent compared to Trump who only got 20%. In this upcoming elections, millenials upset baby boomers in terms of numbers. In fact, millenials are the largest generation in the US today.

Shannon Thomas, a 19-year old women's studies and criminology major at Hofstra University is among those who are in favor of a Clinton presidency. She believes that Clinton will do a good job in 'bringing equality' to the United States.

"That's the only way we can get ourselves back to being great - as opposed to what other candidates think to  make America great," she added as a reference to Trump's selling of baseball hats that carries the slogan 'Make America Great Again.' In view of that, she thinks that Trump's candidacy has a hint of business to it.

Despite students, like Thomas, who support Clinton, there are also those like Kyle Hover, an 18-year old computer engineering major at Hofstra, who expresses his support for Trump. Hover is an example that Trump's reach also extends to the liberals.

"Right now I'm thinking that I will be voting for Donald Trump. The idea of the Democratic party is more what I don't really fit along with. Yeah, we do need social programs to help the people that need help, but they're just running rampant in this country right now," Hover said. Hover, however, was quick to add that he was not a rabid Trump supporter. And added that he doesn't agree with Trump's series of offensive litanies against women and ethnic minorities. Aside from that, he doesn't have any other issues with Trump.

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