Ron Livingston Is A Theater And English Buff From Yale University


Maybe you have seen Ron Livingston in the cult favorite, "Office Space" or from his role in the miniseries "Band of Brothers," but this American actor is an ivy leaguer. Like most celebrities, they went on to get their higher education before pursuing their acting career. And at the same time, took in experiences, classes, projects and training to help them hone their craft.

Born in 1967, Ron Livingston grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He attended Marion High School in Iowa and later on attended Yale University. From Yale, KR CR Tv has it that he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He majored in two subjects, Theater and English.

He made his first acting gig at the Theatre Cedar Rapids. He then moved to Chicago and joined the local theater scene.

Afterwards, he starred in Dolly Parton's "Straight Talk." He later on earned his major movie debut in "Swingers." And then his best known work in "Office Space" earned him popularity and praise. In the comedy cult classic, he co-stars with Jennifer Aniston.

He also joined HBO's "Band of Brothers" as Captain Lewis Nixon. But those were not his only roles. He appeared in several off-Broadway stage performances and even became Carrie's boyfriend in "Sex and the City." Ron Livingston made sure his face was everywhere. Although he didn't make it big like most actors, he made sure to keep busy. He became involved in many movies and television shows.

He even dabbled in Indie films such as "Holly," which is a film about a Vietnamese girl that is involved in human trafficking in Cambodia. He even met his wife on the set of "Standoff." Rosemarie DeWitt was his co-star in the series. After dating for three years, they married in 2009.

Clearly, his Theater and English education did him good.

Check out Ron Livingston's funny antics below:

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