The Internet of Things and Its Impact on Education


The Internet of Things or IoT is a big thing nowadays and has been revolutionizing every industry and sector of the society. Even in education, the Internet of Things is being considered by educators and lawmakers to use it to innovate and improve learning.

With the Internet, learning becomes more dynamic as the traditional method integrates with new and innovative ones. Classroom lessons and discussions have now become livelier and interesting because students are given the opportunity to explore other methods how to learn. For example, students can now watch live lessons at home via live video feeds, engage on hands-on projects, and discuss them in the classroom.

Add to that the rise of modern technology and the IoT isn't limited to just learning but it also enhanced security, wider access to different kinds of information, and ability to keep track of key resources.
The influence of the IoT have more profound effect in higher education as university students veer away from traditional textbooks and use tablets and other mobile devices more. With all kinds of information readily accessible anytime and anywhere, students can learn more.

On the other hand, the IoT has made work more efficient and convenient for educators. For example, they are able to automate tasks which used to be done manually. With the use of cloud, they are also able to gather student data and statistics which give them insight in order to improve their lessons and methods.

As for schools, the IoT has benefited them by reducing operating costs as well as increasing energy efficiency. For example, schools in New Richmonde, Tipp City, Ohio said that they have been able to save around $128,000 every year by using a centralized web-based system to control all mechanical equipment in the school.

There are still a lot of things to learn but as more and more schools utilize the IoT and technology, more and more children will benefit from it as new opportunities are opening up for them.

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